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Flip It: Learning Spaces

You will be amazed by the transformations that we can make to your childcare space. We can make any space become aesthetically pleasing, as well as help you remove or add materials that will make your childcare business rock, and make the children in your care happier. 

You will have a thriving functional and organized childcare space that will knock the socks off anyone who is lucky enough to tour. We can also help with improving your childcare business program to ensure you are tailor making a childcare business specifically for the families that you serve. 

Whether you are a seasoned child care business owner or just starting up, this service will definitely inspire you to make your vision come to life. We can make this happen by just improving one area, or one classroom at a time. You can also just go for it and do an extreme makeover. It's time to stand out from the crowd!



We offer services to your staff  that will have them engaged and inspired to be a part of your team. Through phone calls, face to face meetings, training and team building workshops we are able to turn the not so motivated staff member into someone who feels they are a part of your childcare vision. As childcare providers we know that high turn overs of our staff is a huge problem in our industry. Let us make sure that you don't lose your time and investment in your staff so that you have a dedicated team of passionate childcare specialists. We have preventative and intervention strategies that will lower your staff turn overs to almost being non existent. 

We also have the expertise to coach Directors and Owners one-on-one on how to effectively deal with childcare issues as it relates to children, disgruntled or uncompromising parents, and employee issues.

 We can help you be accountable to your vision and make sure you are following the plans you have for your childcare business. Our exercises will empower you to continue to reach your fullest potential as a childcare business owner, or director.

You will be able to focus on the children. Childcare professionals do need time for self care and deserve it! So let us help you solve the problems that are preventing you from being able to be all that you can be in this exciting field.  

You can sign up for our one-on-one coaching packages or sign your team up for these wonderful experiences. Our coaching program goes beyond the nurseries and the classrooms and into the heart of the families and children that you work with. 

Marketing and Advertising

There are times that you may have felt that you will never be able to do the things that you wanted to do with your business because of all the behind the scenes work it takes to keep it running. 

Have no fear! Get back to playing with the kids and finally doing all those creative activities that you have planned before this and that happened, and let us do the work of increasing your enrollment, and help spreading your passion to all.

 On top of doing the marketing and advertising for you, we would love to show you how hosting events, parent workshops, and participating in fundraisers that are customized to show the authenticity of your childcare business will also improve your enrollment drastically. 

We can help show you how to strengthen your enrollment and referrals. If enrollment is not a problem in your business we can show you how adding on these types of activities will make it possible for you to raise tuition with confidence and with no resistance from the parents, which will lead to higher wages for your staff. Our marketing and advertising packages also include advertising for job positions. If you are ever in a pinch for staffing we offer substitutes so that you can have time to fill the position without being out of ratio.

We will show you the ropes to building relationships with your community that can ensure that your childcare will be a legacy.

 If your ready to take your childcare business to the next level this service is for you!

No matter where you are in the United States we are able to help your childcare business grow. For more information about our consulting services give us a call at (517)708-0332, or email us at

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