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Milk and Cookies~ A Playgroup

The Milk and Cookies playgroup is a mixture of  the Montessori Method and Reggio Emilia. Our playgroup is designed to foster multi-age (3-6 yrs) relationships with our playmates. We embrace an endless diversity of learning styles. We seek beauty in our classroom environment and view parents, children, and educators as partners. We are committed to accepting children for who they are today!
The goal of the playgroup is to help children gain skills in Practical Life and Problem Solving through role modeling and play. 
What is Practical Life? The direct aim of Practical Life activities is to assist the child in developing social skills, and personal independence. Below is a list of different types of activities that fall under Practical Life. 
Care and Respect for SelfCare and Respect for Environment How to pour water                                             How to use a dustpan and brush How to sort cutlery                                            How to wipe up a spill How to wash…

Upcoming Programs and July Happenings

We have been planning away, but planning does no good if the people you are planning for have no idea that you have plans. You might of heard me allude to these programs over the past year.... #MilkAndCookies, #BabysittingClasses, and #CreateAndLearn. Well it's time to officially get the party started!! So, go ahead and grab your calendar because these dates your family will not want to miss. 

Each program represents one of the core values of The Geeked Out Nanny Agency. We believe that a child's play is their work (Milk and Cookies). We believe that all childcare should be quality childcare (Babysitting Certification and Badge Classes), and we believe that children should engage in experiences that cultivate a growth mindset ( Create 'N Learn Labs)
In honor of  the National Holiday Teddy Bear's Picnic Day, On Monday, July 10th from 6:00-8:30 pm we will be hosting our very own Teddy Bear's Picnic.  I really think this is a wonderful way to get to know us better …

The Geeky Nanny's 2017 Summer Bucket List

Hello Peeps! School is out, and Summer vacation has already started. I finally made my Summer Bucket List and thought I would share it with you. Creating a Bucket List is so much fun to do with the family.  If you haven't made a Bucket List yet with your family, be prepare to be impressed with how many creative ideas your family will come up with that will keep everyone curiously engaged and making memories while experiencing new things, or favorite things.

I am really excited about one of the things on my Bucket List! It is to Attend a Teddy Bear's Picnic. I have never gone to one, and this Summer I am going to make sure I get to experience this. You are all invited too, so stay tuned!!

While creating your Bucket List you can keep it full of variety by creating categories and then adding ideas. Creating a list by categories will make the experiences more likely to consist of activities that can be done at home too. To have a successful Bucket List just make sure you include a…

We Found Our Nanny! Now What?

Congratulations on finding the best nanny to match your family's needs, that was no small feat! Your almost at the finish line for completing the hiring process, there are just a few more steps you need to take to make this new relationship a success for all. I know everyone is eager to begin the bonding process between the nanny and the children, which is definitely something worth looking forward to, but we have to make sure that our business relationship with our nanny is rock solid too.

One of the first steps you can take after you have found your nanny that will foster respect, accountability and a positive relationship between you and the nanny is to create a Family Nanny Handbook. This handbook can be used as a guide, and will help to prevent any future misunderstandings. Include the nanny's job responsibilities and expectations, your parenting philosophy, how to discipline your children and emergency procedures with the emergency contact information. Make sure to addre…

The Nanny's Knapsack: Classic Activities To Do With Children While On The Go

We have places to go and people to see! Having young people in tow should not deter us from participating in events like going out for dinner, or going to the doctors. The time may not be how we planned it, but being prepared for these unplanned times will make all the difference when our children become antsy. Depending on the age and the special needs of the child the more time that passes by while waiting can cause unwanted behavior problems. Being prepared on outings helps us to show children how to learn to be patient, how to adapt to changes that were unforeseen, and to know how to plan ahead.   
Have you ever witnessed a toddler that became impatient, because things were taking too long while you were on an outing? "Yes", you say? Me too! I can remember the teary eyes, and the look of hunger while waiting on the food quite vividly. I vowed I would never put them in another situation like that again, and let's face it, we as parents have a difficult time enjoying ou…