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Nanny and Babysitting Services

The Case For Play

The Case For Play is our Signature Service!
Your Professional Babysitter will come armed with award winning goodies that offer open ended explorations that will keep your youngest to oldest stimulated. We aim to engage children in playful learning experiences at all developmental stages from infancy to adolescence.  You tell us your child's interests, we then use our creative talents and design a play date that will (Ahem!) have your children begging for more. Nothing like enjoying a dinner, or perhaps a business meeting knowing your kiddos are in good safe hands while being entertained. The Case for Play is our way of showing our clients that we are Professional Babysitters and we go beyond the stereotypes of what babysitting may be preconceived to be, or any negative experiences you have had with past babysitters, and help you reimagine our Professional Babysitters as Steminist.

 The fee for this service is $12.50/hr. There is a two hour minimum requirement, and also an additional $1.00 per child if there is more than one. 

Part Time/Full Time Nanny


This is a perfect option for families who are need of in home child care on a regular basis. We have Professional Babysitters that are available whether you work traditional hours or second shift. Looking for a suitable babysitter is a challenging task for every parent. A parent wants to employ a babysitter who is qualified, experienced and dependable to confidently leave her children under the babysitter’s care. Our Professional Babysitters have the experience and professional training in child care to make them competent to handle their duties and responsibilities
  • Cooking/feeding
  • Performing light housekeeping
  • Doing laundry
  • Changing diapers
  • Preparing bottles
  • Transporting kids (taking  them to and from activities)
  • Making snacks
  • Getting kids ready for bed
  • Playtime/lessons (reading to them, doing crafts, etc.)    
Our number one priority is safety first! We go beyond the call of duty to make sure our Professional Babysitters are matched with your parenting methodology and your children's needs. 

Family Assistant/Mommy Helper

A Family Assistant's job entails someone who helps with childcare duties while at least one parent is at home. Although the parent is usually in charge, mother helpers may take care of the children for brief periods and act as a family assistant. Our Family Assistants who are as young as 14 yrs old and old enough perhaps to be a senior. Our Family Assistant/Mommy Helpers love to help with house chores, meal preps, run errands, arts & crafts, and helping with homework all while you keep the balance you strive for in your home. Our Family Assistants also carries their "Helper Bag" with every visit that is full of childhood magic based on your family's interest. This service could be set up for regular visits, or when you just need a dose of childhood magic sprinkled throughout your home. 

Substitute ParaProfessionals for Licensed Preschools/Daycare Centers/Group Daycare Homes 


  We provide this service to help you to stay in compliance with Child Daycare Licensing Rules. How many times has your Lead Teacher or Assistant had emergencies causing them to call off of work leaving you in a vulnerable situation... Out of ratio!  How about when your employee does a no call or no show?  It's the pits! We know you want to always provide the top notch service that you said you would to your parents. Perhaps one of your Assistants needs to attend a Training?! You owe it to the children in your care and the parents that count on you to be prepared. Have no fear? We're here to help! Our talented child care professionals who know Child Care Licensing Rules firsthand will step into the challenge and keep you in compliance. There's nothing like the feeling of knowing you can still operate your business as usual knowing our staff is well trained and you will be surprised to feel like they have been working at your workplace forever. Let our Paraprofessionals put their experience to use for you! 

Call us today at (517) 708-0332 to schedule your free face to face consultation.

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