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Keeping the Standards High for In Home Childcare

Dear Friends,

I have met a lot of interesting people as the owner of a Nanny Agency. I also have read some disturbing ads online looking for a nanny, or from the nanny looking for a job. If you have decided on In Home Childcare then you have to get in research mode. You will have interviews to do and background checks to perform, etc. There is a lot you must do to make sure you are finding the nanny that your family really needs.

There are many people who would love to be your nanny depending on the money. Do not hire anyone because they are low balling. It is not a good sign of one's knowledge or character when one is low balling at all and plus there are people who are experienced, professional, passionate, have integrity and commitment to quality childcare.  If you can not afford to pay the nanny at least the going hourly rate in your area then do not choose In Home Childcare. I mean do you really want to pay someone who isn't following IRS Guidelines?! This trait is really not trustworthy at all. However, I have met people who really didn't know the IRS Guidelines and didn't even know that they were in violation of the law, on both sides the nanny or the parent. Again, finding a nanny on your own involves a lot of research, still it definitely can be done! 

You are looking for an In Home Childcare Specialist, because you know your family has unique needs and must be met by a qualified, trustworthy, personable, and reliable nanny. There are online nanny sites that connect nannies who are looking for a family. They also refer you to others to help out with all the other stuff you will need to do. For example, the nanny sites share links to other places that will help you do payroll for your nanny. These online nanny sites bring accessibility for In Home Childcare, they are relatively inexpensive compared to the placement fees and membership fees that most nanny agencies charge. They also don't have those eyes on the back of their head. You know those experienced eyes that your school teacher told you she had. In the long run those eyes aged in experience are worth every penny. The online agency sites are cheaper on the pockets versus signing up with a nanny placement agency, because they don't do the important work at all. Nanny Agencies perform backgrounds checks, offer in home consultations, nanny training and more. You will have to do research on nanny agencies too if you decide to go this route. All nanny agencies do charge some sort of fees such as placement fees and membership fees, which can start at $500 and into the thousands depending on where you live, and the services that you are signing up for.

The Geeked Out Nanny Agency is very unique in how we deliver In Home Childcare. We are very involved from the beginning of our relationship with our families, and remain accessible throughout the family's time with their nanny. We are available in person. We love creating bonds by connecting nannies to their families, and families to their nannies! We meet standards that are across the board among agencies;  Criminal Background checks are done on State level and any prior State that the candidate has lived in. We do Address Verification, Sexual Offender Registry Background check, and Reference Checks. We make sure our Nannies and Babysitters are also Certified in CPR/First Aid. We exceed other nanny agencies by offering a well transitioned nanny to family home experience that is conducted by an In Home Consultant with years of professional development in childcare, as well as years of hands on experience with children. Our welcoming the family to our agency is celebrated and attention to detail is given to every family member. Once a decision has been made about who will work with your family as a Nanny the In Home Consultant comes in for the first three days performing duties that will be requested of the nanny this begins the "Welcoming 5 Day  Assignment Process". On Day 4 and Day 5 the Nanny will join in by shadowing and assisting the In Home Consultant. On the last two days of the "Welcome 5 Day Assignment Process", the Nanny and an In Home Consultant  will both be in the home to make sure that everyone in the family is adjusting well (sometimes, we help organize too :) The Nanny will fully take on the position on the 6th day of care. Why do we do this? One reason is to gain a greater understanding of how we can bring value to the family, observe, and make suggestions for the nanny's position there and get to know the children, because we send weekly activities for the children to do with the Nanny 💗

Another reason to why we do such a detailed welcoming experience is that we want everyone to be personable and remain professional at the same time. Also we are respectful of family traditions so we take our time and really get to know the families we work with.  We offer Fill In days when your Nanny is on vacation or becomes ill. This is when the In Home Consultants will substitute and since the consultant has already been to your home they are familiar with the family and the schedule, which will limit the changes the family has to go through when a nanny is absent. We also offer  nanny replacements for a certain time period. Did I mention that we handle the payroll too, which keeps the families and the nannies in compliance with not only IRS Guidelines, but State and Local wage laws too. 

None of  the necessary precautions that you need to take to have a legit, trustworthy, personable, and a professional can happen from underpaying nannies, and these precautionary steps must be done to provide quality and integrity In Home Childcare. Understanding the IRS Guidelines are fundamental when hiring a nanny. Finding the best childcare practices in an agency is the key. A Nanny Agency  that takes the time to learn the delicate intricacies of the family is an agency to work with. The Agency will attract the best of nannies who are dedicated to fulfilling your childcare needs with a heart full of passion.

Deciding who to bring into your home will involve a lot of research and time. You know your family better than anyone! Follow your gut, but make a sound judgement. Remember if you have to cut any corners there are other childcare options that you wouldn't have to do that for. My best advice to anyone looking for an In Home Childcare Specialist is try to look for traits in your provider that you would want your kids to have.

Thank you for reading! I really needed to share this with you all. Together we can bring awareness to our community about keeping In Home Childcare Standards high. We have trained Professional Nannies and Babysitters that are ready to care for the youngest members in our neighborhoods, with passion and integrity.

Have a great day!

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