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5 Things To Do On Social Media If Your Looking For a Nanny Job

We have had an overwhelmingly response to our Nanny and Babysitting positions. It is a great feeling to know that there are others who are so interested in this career. It has also been a struggle to hire due to applicants social media presence. I thought it was high time to address this issue. When looking for a nanny position it is really important for you to know and understand that families and the nanny agency will be looking through your social media accounts. Why? Because we are trying to get a better understanding about your character, and professionalism.  Being a Nanny is an important job to say the least, which makes it absolutely necessary to do social media detective work during the hiring process. We want our mistakes to be very limited and sometimes we may prejudge, but yes in this case "It is better to be safe, then to be sorry".  Nevertheless, the viewing of your social media activity weighs in a lot. Here are some tips to do on your social media accounts to ensure your not sabotaging your own nanny job search.

1. Be Authentic! When parents are referred to you for an interview they begin their own investigative work on you as well. If you say you are passionate about working with children, then you should have some sort of postings that sends this message, otherwise your coming off as someone who is using the buzzword in the interview and just looking for an income. That may be okay with other industries, but not with nannying when you say you are passionate about working with children, the parents and I want to feel it. Fact is that may have been one of the reasons you were referred to the parents versus someone who may have been more "qualified".  

2. Take down any pictures that don't send the message that you are a professional.  Ask yourself this question...If a future family would look at this picture would it send a positive or negative message about me? If the answer is "I don't know", then take it down immediately. Also, make sure your profile picture meets this standard too.

3. Make sure that when on Facebook you have tagging notifications set, and timeline approval on for friends and family. Many times friends are on social media sharing memes and things that may be offensive to others. You are looking for a nanny job, branding yourself for success, and there is no time to accept these types of tags on your timeline if you want to have the best nanny job ever. 

4. Either defend negative comments made about you or take them down. We don't know you and would love to meet you, but if we come across a stat, image, or posting that has bad remarks about you well what we we suppose to think. Address the comment or remove it. 

5. Use a professional email. I can not stress this enough. No one wants to send an email to You will not be taken seriously at all and the parents, and I move on quickly.

In a world where everyone is connected by some sort of social network it is vital to take your social medial interaction seriously. I promise you if your looking for a nanny job and you follow the tips listed above your very close to making your search for a job over, and becoming a even better nanny.  

Happy Nannying!

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